Las Vegas Caricature Coupon

This is not the online coupon!  This is a Las Vegas caricature coupon, for visitors to us in Nevada!

If you’ve made the effort to travel to Las Vegas NV, visited the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, paid tower admission, and found our small caricature stand, we want to reward you with this Las Vegas caricature coupon.  Two for the price of one is an amazing deal, and that’s stacked on top of the fact that even without a Las Vegas caricature coupon, our caricatures are cheaper than anyone else’s in town.

Okay, we’re not cheaper than that one guy with the blond dreadlocks who balances his drawing board on his lap and moves around on the Strip to avoid the police.  But we’re better.  We’re better.

Just print this Las Vegas caricature coupon and bring it to us for two for the price of one:

Cartoon Vegas coupon

  • Limit one coupon per group
  • Valid only in person at our location, not online

7 thoughts on “Las Vegas Caricature Coupon

  1. Patricia McGinn says:

    Hi! My brother and I are visiting my Grandfather, for the last time. He is terminally ill with stage 4 cancer. He is doing great this weekend, Taking us to see Hotspots in Vegas. The Stratosphere will be on the schedule this week. I wanted a memory to take home, dont have a picture to send you, but was wondering if we could come in person. My Grand father is quite the funny man, so a cartoon of us would be the ideal memory. I haven’t gambled my money but would rather put it toward our memory here in Vegas in cartoon form. Could we come in person?

  2. Carlos Fernández de Córdova says:

    Hi, I will be going to your local this weekend, and I don’t have anyplace to print the coupon, because I’m traveling through the West Coast, so I was wondering if can I show you the coupon on my cellphone?

  3. michelle martin says:

    So I’ve been told, by someone who works at the Tower Creamery, that you guys are the best! Can we make an appointment for Friday, April 21, in the afternoon? My son who lives in Montana wants to propose to his girlfriend and her 5 year old son, via a family caricature. When the picture is complete he would like the artist to turn it around to show them and there is a bubble from my son’s mouth asking “will you marry me” Is this a possibility?

  4. Julie Dehner says:

    I am doing some searching for a wedding reception and thought about a caricature artist. The time frame is 2 hrs,. do you charge per person/couple, or for the time frame you are drawing. It is probably out of our price range, but it never hurts to inquire!

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