Wedding Caricatures

Wedding Caricature:

A wedding reception is usually an all-ages event, and planning entertainment for an all-ages event narrows the options a little bit.
Caricatures are crazy popular at weddings. Your whole funny-looking family is there, and they’re looking their best. So Uncle Frank is willing to be a cartoon because he knows his hair looks good right now, and everyone else is happy to watch the drawing because they know how goofy-looking Uncle Frank is. Everybody wins!

Hiring a Caricature Artist for Weddings:

For wedding planners:

You don’t have much to worry about. Make sure your wedding caricature artist

  1. Has the time and place ahead of time.
  2. Has three chairs available, and a table if that’s what they use.
  3. If they haven’t contacted you a few days before the wedding, you might want to do that.   Otherwise, here’s the only problem I encounter drawing caricatures at weddings:
  4. Make sure there’s consistent light. Find out if the location you’re going to put the cartoons is going to stay at the same level or not. Most caricature artists bring lights, but I’ll leave mine outside if it looks like it’s going to be bright. Then, when the dancing starts and the lights dim, I’m drawing cartoons in the dark.

That’s it! If your event artist is at all professional, they’ll take care of the rest!

To hire a caricature artist for your wedding:
(702) 622-4602

For caricaturists at weddings:

  1. Look nice. You don’t have to wear a tux. You do have to wear dress clothes. Everyone else at the wedding is looking their best. Show them respect by dressing up. You don’t get more points in this game by looking “artistic.”
  2. Be early. Whoever hired you also hired a DJ, caterer, officiant, and venue. They’re at the wedding in a dress that doesn’t let them breathe or a cummerbund that they don’t know how to wear. They’re stressed out. Be a calming influence. Smile, be confident, go to the spot they show you and make it work.
  3. Be ready to refuse drinks. These wedding guests like you. They like your caricatures. They’re having a great time, and they want you to have one too! But they’re not paying your rent. Half the time, they’re not even paying for the drink they just brought you. Don’t even consider it unless it’s your employer, and they’re really, really insisting.
  4. Go ahead and stay overtime for the bride and groom. I know, unpaid overtime is the worst. It devalues caricatures at events. And it’s hard to turn down drawing one couple, then turn around and accept another. But this is a wedding. It’s a big event put together to honor two people. You won’t make any serious enemies by turning down cousins, brothers, or friends. You’ll rarely make enemies by turning down fathers and mothers. But that bride and groom? You’d better draw them.

For Wedding Caricature Artists in the Las Vegas area competing with me directly:

  1. Don’t answer the phone. If you answer, you will have to record all the information given to you by the wedding planner on whatever you have handy. If you let it go to voicemail, the caller will probably leave all the event information on a service you can access at any time.
  2. Be a little evasive. If the wedding planner asks to see caricature samples, tell them you don’t have anything scanned and it will take a couple of weeks. If they see your cartoon samples, they might decide against you. If they ask if you’re available for a wedding on a certain date, ask if you can get back to them. It’ll make you seem important and sought-after.
  3. Drink! These wedding guests like you. They like your caricatures. And they want to buy you drinks. So drink! you don’t want to hurt any feelings. And you might even draw better. Just try to keep it from the hosts. You don’t know how they feel about it.
  4. Charge $999.99 per hour. You’re worth it, right?