Caricature Gallery – Amanda Nikki

Joined CartoonVegas: 2008

Amanda wants to get better all the time.  She really takes her work home with her.   When she finds a new caricature artist with a style she wants, she’ll draw for weeks until she has it right.

Amanda was responsible for most of the ongoing training that happened at CartoonVegas.  Her own quest to improve filtered down to all the artists.  She’ll look at an area like line quality, light/shadow, or likeness, and find a way to make it better.  Her own positive personality and hard-working attitude elevated co-workers and guests alike.

One thought on “Caricature Gallery – Amanda Nikki

  1. Rebecca Garcia says:

    Hey! It’s Rebecca and Danny and we’ll we need getting married on the 5th after all lol but I was looking for our pic on your website and couldn’t find it. We love our picture though 🙂

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