Lesson Three: What Not To Do

The Mouth: Smile Lines

Don’t do this:

An illustration of heavy smile lines.

These smile lines are too heavy.

Do this:

An illustration of good smile lines

This is a better way to show smile lines

If you lay in those smile lines so dark, you’re going to end up with a pretty weird-looking face. Just about everybody has these lines, from babies to seniors, but I find it best to add them during the coloring process, not here. Continue reading  

Lesson Two: Formulas

A seven-step breakdown on drawing the eye.

The Eye, Step-by-step. Click to enlarge.

“But I don’t want to learn formulas! I want to learn to draw.”

Drawing with a marker requires you to make a lot of very fast decisions. If you’re new to this, you can be overwhelmed and disheartened very quickly. This stuff is hard to learn.
Learning formulas to quickly draw features will remove one task from your crowded brain. You’ll be more able to focus on placement, line weight, shapes, planes, and carrying on a conversation.
Once learned, these formulas can be adapted to any face, changed, or forgotten. The important thing is that they make your task more endurable now. Continue reading  

Lesson One: The Basics

If you’re going to learn how to draw caricatures and cartoons, you need to start by drawing this, the Most Average Guy In The World:

A basic cartoon drawing of an average man.

An average guy... click to enlarge

Grab a marker and paper.

  • No pencil
  • No eraser
  • No underdrawing.

Draw this guy exactly as he appears. If you can do it, skip ahead to the advanced lessons. If you can’t, do it nineteen more times. I make all Cartoon Vegas employees go through this exact exercise.

“Why should I do this?” Three reasons: Continue reading