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Can you draw pets?

Can I ask for different background elements?
Sure! Just include them in the ‘comments’ section of the order form. If you want major changes to the format, though, there may be changes to the price as well.

What if I don’t like it?
Tell us! Upon completion, the scanned drawing will be emailed before we ship.

If it’s our mistake, we’ll just redraw it right away for free.

You say: We say:
“I stated clearly in the description that I have three teeth! You drew me with two!” “Oh, you’re right! You did put that in the description. We’re sorry, we’ll redraw that.”

If it’s your mistake, we’ll redraw it for $10 per person.

You say: We say:
“I wanted to be on a horse, with a sword, leading an army of thousands while a crimson sun set in the background!” “Yes, but all you wrote was ‘Draw me like Napoleon, LOLZ:)’. We’re going to charge you $10 a head to redraw this.

If it’s totally subjective, we’ll redraw it for $7 per person.

You say: We say:
“This does not resemble me. I’m much more attractive than this caricature makes me appear. Also, I would never ride a horse bareback.” “We do our absolute best given the interpretive nature of caricature and the quality of photos sent. We always make the best drawing we know how to make. What we can’t control is the disconnect between your vision and ours.”


Is my credit card safe?
Yep. Our shopping cart is SSL secured, and if you’re using paypal, you’ll be redirected to their site, which features some of the most advanced security on the internet.

Who draws the pictures?
Talented professional illustrators working at the Stratosphere Tower.

How do they learn how to draw caricatures?
I teach each of them one-on-one. Each new artist I hire is already talented in drawing, I just take those skills and push them into new techniques. By the time your photo reaches us, any artist I assign has already drawn at least a thousand heads.

When will you e-mail me my digital caricature?
Within two days of recieving your photograph.

When will I recieve the original, matted caricature in the mail?
We will ship within three days of recieving your photograph, after that it’s up to the post office.

Here are the questions I get the most when I’m out there drawing caricatures, and my answers.

1: “Where’s the bathroom?” Over there.

2: “How long have you been doing this?” A long, long time.

3: “Is this a natural talent or did you have to work for it?” My favorite question. If it’s a sarcastic day, I will make a short speech about how I was the only week-old baby who could paint trompe l’oeil with Crayolas. Otherwise I just sigh and repeat, for the thousandth time, that drawing skill is like any other. If you’re willing to put in the time, you can learn it.

4: “Is that a marker?” Yes it is. I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to control fast, bold lines. Markers are nearly impossible to use well until you get the hang of it, then they’re the only tool for the job.

5: “Do you live here?” I hear this because I live in Las Vegas. Along with two million other people. In case you’re wondering, yes, we all live in hotel rooms and party all the time.

6: “Can you make my boobs bigger?” Yes I can. In fact, I probably will whether you ask or not. It’s kind of a perk.

7: “Can you make me skinnier?” Yes. But it’s better if YOU make you skinnier.

8: “Can you make me younger?” Yes. But it’s so much more fun to draw you as you are.