Lesson Four: Variety

A whole row of different kinds of eyes

Each eye is different, but can be drawn in the same technique

Here are a whole lot of eyes.

I’m still following the formula. Every eye I draw has that thick line on top, the thin one on the bottom, and the shadow under the eyelashes.The variety comes out of line thickness and shape. The drawing method stays the same.

Blond eyelashes won’t show up at all, so use the thinnest line you can around the eye. A thick line will look like dark lashes or makeup.

You can draw eyebrows using any lines you want. The important thing is shape, density, and distance from the eye. An average pair of eyebrows become very descriptive when they sit extra low or extra high.

See my bad habits? I draw almost everyone in a 3/4 view facing their right. Because of this, I almost always tilt and foreshorten the left eye.

Pay attention to how large and well-defined that eyelid is. Some people don’t have an eyelid crease at all.

One thought on “Lesson Four: Variety

  1. Craig Roberts says:

    We love your drawing lessons. We remember you practicing for hours and hours. Glad to see it was so productive. Congratulations and keep up the good work. p.s. say ‘hi’ to Andrea.

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